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AmbienTech Launches ZeroTone

A Dual Channel 0-10V Wall Switch for Tunable White & Dimming Control

*Tested LED Drivers / Controllers


Performace Curves Zero Tone

Founded by Shafrir Romano, AmbienTech brings together a team of lighting experts with 100+ years of accumulated experience in the industry. We develop technology solutions which are unique, forward thinking and packaged in a simple friendly product. With a deep understanding of lighting power and control technology, we cross boundaries at light speed, striving to bring tomorrow’s advancements to our customers. All our solutions are backed by dedicated service, as personalized as our solutions.


AmbienTech, a New York Based Lighting Controls company, announced the launch of The ZeroTone Wall Switch. The ZeroTone is a Dual Channel 0-10V Wall Switch for Tunable White & Dimming Control. It is compatible with two channel LED Drivers and controllers, eliminating the need of two separated dimmers reducing cost and installation time.

ZeroTone Wiring Diargam

The ZeroTone Wall Switch, offers an adjustable on field low-end trim, as well as adjustable Color Mixing Curves for optimal performance. With its complete solution approach, it delivers a superior user experience and precise performance. The ZeroX2-Tone is UL approved under 1472 standard. With a built-in relay, it requires no additional safety devices.

Check out Jacques Goldstein, our sales engineer demonstrating the new ZeroTone Wall switch.

View the new ZeroTone Wall Switch online.

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