User Experience

User Experience

DimTone technology places the focus on the end user, ensuring a high level of comfort. It offers a complete, high-end, seamless product, with an all-in-one standard wall switch, and without any remote controls, batteries or extra components. DimTone’s design fits in with the style of all your existing wall switches, and offers a familiar user experience with two sliders, one for color temperature and the other for dimming. As an all-inclusive solution, the wall switch comes with a matching wall plate.


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Standard Installation
DimTone enables technicians to easily provide their customers with a complete, high-quality solution for both color temperature and flicker-free dimming.
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System Approach
No compatibility issues, no batteries and no add-ons; everything you need for a perfect user experience, and at a cost-effective price.
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Enhancing Your Space
Flexible lighting can create various types of energies for different situations, from bright to languid, romantic, focused and casual. You can adapt different spaces in your home to changing scenarios, including playtime, entertaining guests, family dinners and work meetings. Use personalized lighting to light up your life.
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Precise Control
The dimming and color temperature transition is smooth and soft, with zero flicker for all dimming ranges. You can dim down to 0.1% before proceeding to full darkness, and the on/off switch is tuned for a soft start.
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