Well Being Lighting Systems

We believe that lighting should be a seamless balance of dimming,
and color-shifting immersing into our daily lives naturally.

Ambientech envisions revolutionizing daily lighting experiences by developing Advanced lighting technologies that provide comprehensive control through all market platforms - Wall Switches, Applications, and Voice Control. Our mission is to make light usage accessible, emphasizing the pivotal role of light as a fundamental element influencing our quality of life. We are dedicated to empowering users with the ability to personally customize their lighting environments for an enhanced and tailored experience.

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Quick and Easy
to Install
DimTone offers a single-switch, end-to-end approach, eliminating redundant components and compatibility issues for superior performance. With its wireless support, Dimtone requires only the same wire set as a standard dimmer switch, reducing installation time and costs. Just plug and play - start customizing the light temperature in moments. Device pairing takes place automatically when the light is first switched on, no technical knowledge necessary.
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