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Our vision is to light up people’s lives. Lighting has a powerful impact on awareness, and we create lighting that elevates people’s wellbeing.

However, no two people are alike, and concepts of wellbeing greatly vary. Even the same person has different mindsets throughout the day. That’s why our lighting adjusts to your mood, or even helps build a desired ambience, at any given time. Ambientech unlocks the potential of lighting, and gives you the keys to control its power. Just play with the two slides, adjust the color temperature and dimmer, and you’ve got a whole different ambience. All in a user-friendly, affordable plug and play switch.

Reinventing the Dimmer

AmbienTech invests heavily in R&D to bring breakthrough innovation to our customers in the area of lighting controls. We deliver complete, user-friendly solutions comprising both software and hardware innovations. Moreover, we strive to simplify installation and reduce labor costs and time by eliminating redundant components. Quality is also a top priority – our lighting controls and connections comply with all relevant regulation, including UL.


Founded by Shafrir Romano, AmbienTech brings together a team of lighting experts with 100+ years of accumulated experience in the industry. We develop technology solutions which are unique, forward thinking, and packaged in a simple, friendly product.

With a deep understanding of lighting power and control technology, we cross boundaries at light speed, striving to bring tomorrow’s advancements to our customers. All our solutions are backed by dedicated service, as personalized as our solutions.

Some of Our

our team

Shafrir Romano
Founder & CEO
Tom Romano
Director & Co Founder
Jacques Goldstein
Sales Engineer
Eitan Mardiks
Head of Engineering
Shlomi Soffer
Marketing Designer
Snir Ziv
Marketing Strategist
Natali Barzilay
Purchasing Manager
Gabriel Zavala
Sales Representative
Ido Levy
Electrical Engineer
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