SleekTone CV


Low Voltage Multi-Color Smart Controller

The SleekTone provides intelligent scalability allowing a large number of fixtures to be controlled from any point. Every SleekTone device is connected directly to the cloud service and doesn’t require any hub or getaway.
Enabling dimming and multi-color LED fixture control.

In addition to the App, the Tones system provides a traditional point of control. Utilizing a smart Wall Switch that will automatically sync with the Sleektone controller. With an input range of 12-24VDC, it is compatible with any standard constant voltage LED Driver. Dimming is down to 0.1% before total darkness, and smooth color shifting to ensure compliance with IEEE and Title 24 Flicker Requirements.

Key Features

  • Works Independently As A Stand-Alone Unit or as Part of A System
  • SmartAir - App / Voice Control
  • 3 Control Modes - Tunable White, Dim-To-Warm & Dimming
  • Works With AmbienTech’s Smart Wall Switches (Optional)
  • Flicker-Free Soft Dimming - Down To 0.1%
  • Dim-To-Off
  • LED Output (2400hz No Flicker Dimming)
  • Complies To IEEE And Title 24 Flicker Requirements
  • Available In a Wire and a Junction Box Version

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