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Soft White Light Vs Daylight | Which One Is Better For You?

Are you looking for light bulbs but can’t decide between soft white and daylight? A room with too much bright light can feel like a research lab. Besides, a lack of light can make a place feel cramped and dark. You must pick the appropriate sort of light for each area to make the desired ambiance..

As bright light positively impacts your mood. Similarly, disruptive light could be harmful.

It is better to understand why light impacts our mood? The human body system functions according to numerous biological networks. For example, the Circadian system uses light to regulate other systems in the human body and increase the release of chemicals into the brain.

We know natural light, artificial, and daylight are used to regulate our inner biological clock. For example, We have many kinds of artificial lights, and these artificial lights impacts positively and negatively in our circadian system.

We prefer lights mostly at night, gradually increasing as the sun rises or sets. We usually use brighter lights when actively doing daily tasks like home and office work. While we use dim lights when relaxing. But, you might get surprised here. How both bright and dark lights can negatively impact our homes’ lives? Like bright light in the dining room can affect your appetite while the dim light lets you overeat. Likewise, our body needs specific periods of darkness to perform their functions correctly. So, any exposure to light (sunlight or artificial) and light from an alarm clock can critically disrupt your sleep cycle. And, we can’t enjoy bedtime properly.

When our sleep and rhythm cycles are disturbed, our health suffers. So how can sleeping in light harm our health? For thousands of years, we relied on natural lights. For the last 150 years, we have introduced artificial lights into our daily lives. However, studies show that the disturbed circadian systems can critically harm our internal body clock and organs to perform functions even on a basic cellular level.


This tunable white lighting has changed our perception and relationship with the lighting. If you have ever dreamed about a lighting system that suits your vision in your home, office, study room, restaurant, bedroom, or any space, there is no better option than these tunable white LED lights.
This is the lighting variety we have all been craving for. We are very fortunate that the future of lighting is unfolding before our eyes gradually and deliberately, but we are ready to welcome it and control it at our leisure.

  • We have explained how life affects emotions and the relationship between lightning and your mood
  • What are Tunable white light and its benefits?

Share your feedback with Dynamic Tunable white lights, and we will be more than happy to see you there.

What Is Soft White Light?

Soft White is perfect for:

  • Residential
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Cabinets with Closets

What Is Daylight?

    Daylight has a relaxing effect. It has a broad light spectrum, resulting in a high color temperature. The color temperature of this light ranges from 5000-6000K. It creates a natural appearance without generating stress to the eyes. The warm glow acts in the same way that the sun’s natural light does. It emits light with a white hue and blue tints.

    Daylight is perfect for:
    • Exhibition Racks
    • Office buildings
    • Road signs
    • Commercial
    • Motorhomes

    Soft White Vs Daylight – Home Guide

    Soft White is an excellent choice for a bedroom. Because it provides a soothing atmosphere. While Daylight is ideal for reading and you can add a desk.

    Living Rooms
    It is the space in your room where you socialize with your family and friends. Soft White Light is ideal for living rooms because it creates a warm atmosphere.

    Dining Room
    For a dining room, the choice is yours. Daylight provides you with improved tonal variation and a more natural vibe. Soft white light brings back feelings of togetherness and a lack of concern for plate décor.

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