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SleekTone CC

Transform 0-10V Constant Current LED Driver into Tunable White Control System

Tunable White / Dim to Warm Control

The SleekTone-CV is a compact control module that allows connection of any third party LED Driver to a AmbienTech Tunable White, Dim-to-Warm and Dimming systems. It is available in 100W and 150W versions. With an input range of 12-24VDC it is compatible with any standard constant voltage LED Driver. This line of modules offers a status LED indicator and physical buttons to easily pair to our wall switches , app and voice control.

Wiring Diagram

In addition, the buttons are used to configure dimming and CCT mixing curves.
The SleekTone utilizes a wireless 433MHz RF signal for room level control using the DimTone dual slider wall switch. The DimTone wall switch is able to control multiple modules and offers app and voice control (WIFI+BLE).The Modules small form factor enables lighting OEMs to easily implement AmbienTech’s control systems in to LED fixtures such as linear runs without the need for design modifications.

The SleekTone-CV entails no extra components, provides smooth, flicker-free dimming at 2400khz and ultra-flexibility. It dims down to 0.1% before total darkness, and softly tunes the color temperature to ensure a quality user experience.


Features & Benefits

  • Enables Tunable White Control with any Constant Current LED Driver
  • Compatible with AmbienTech’s DimTone Wall Switch, SmartAir App and Voice Control
  • Small Form Factor Enables Lighting OEMs to Easily Implement Into Fixtures
  • Autopair with RF Wall Switch
  • Complies to IEEE and Title 24 Flicker Requirements
  • 12.5A Max Power
  • Current Limit Overload Protection
  • No Minimum Load Requirement

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