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How does light affect emotions?

circulation, and even sleeping. Light is an essential part that exists in our lives. So it’s important to understand whether the light impacts us negatively or positively.

We are aware of natural and handmade lights that must be rectified and adapted to fit any possible environment. So that our minds and bodies can prosper better, let’s spot the light on the relationship between lighting and human mood. More importantly, bright light, colored, and natural light regulates our psychology and psychological system.


The relationship between lightning and your mood

Light and Mood seem like two different concepts but they are interconnected. From the brightest sunrays to the dimmest watch light, it produces light waves that your body acknowledges and responds to…

As bright light positively impacts your mood. Similarly, disruptive light could be harmful.

It is better to understand why light impacts our mood? The human body system functions according to numerous biological networks. For example, the Circadian system uses light to regulate other systems in the human body and increase the release of chemicals into the brain.

We know natural light, artificial, and daylight are used to regulate our inner biological clock. For example, We have many kinds of artificial lights, and these artificial lights impacts positively and negatively in our circadian system.

We prefer lights mostly at night, gradually increasing as the sun rises or sets. We usually use brighter lights when actively doing daily tasks like home and office work. While we use dim lights when relaxing. But, you might get surprised here. How both bright and dark lights can negatively impact our homes’ lives? Like bright light in the dining room can affect your appetite while the dim light lets you overeat. Likewise, our body needs specific periods of darkness to perform their functions correctly. So, any exposure to light (sunlight or artificial) and light from an alarm clock can critically disrupt your sleep cycle. And, we can’t enjoy bedtime properly.

When our sleep and rhythm cycles are disturbed, our health suffers. So how can sleeping in light harm our health? For thousands of years, we relied on natural lights. For the last 150 years, we have introduced artificial lights into our daily lives. However, studies show that the disturbed circadian systems can critically harm our internal body clock and organs to perform functions even on a basic cellular level.



This tunable white lighting has changed our perception and relationship with the lighting. If you have ever dreamed about a lighting system that suits your vision in your home, office, study room, restaurant, bedroom, or any space, there is no better option than these tunable white LED lights.
This is the lighting variety we have all been craving for. We are very fortunate that the future of lighting is unfolding before our eyes gradually and deliberately, but we are ready to welcome it and control it at our leisure.


  • We have explained how life affects emotions and the relationship between lightning and your mood
  • What are Tunable white light and its benefits?

Share your feedback with Dynamic Tunable white lights, and we will be more than happy to see you there.

Six ways light can impact your emotions…


  1. Bright light can help in heightening or boosting your emotions
  2. Blue light can compel us to feel robust
  3. It also can create a problem at bedtime
  4. Natural light can make you happier and cheerful
  5. It can help you reduce the depression symptoms
  6. Light can also affect your appetite


What is Tunable White Lighting? And What are its benefits?

Are you ready to give a tunable white light a shot?

The tunable white lighting technology is the aptitude to monitor a light source’s color temperature output. It is also known as variable white. Likewise, dim to white, hybrid white, and other different lights from distinct manufactory. Manufacturers have helped their customers with these innovative tunable white LED lights with varying temperatures into a single bulb strip. Now, it’s at your fingertips to change the environment of your surroundings within a second. A marvel of both manufacturing and human psychology, tunable white LED bulbs have successfully changed the world significantly.


  • Sustainability
  • Increased productivity
  • Fitness Benefits- Your Circadian Rhythms and flashing
  • Design Focus


Of course, Tunable white smart bulbs are making people’s lives better. This is because the tunable white light can stick to the human circadian rhythm so that no other ordinary bulb can. So, what does it mean when we say that tunable white Lights are “human-centric lighting?” It means we can change the color temperature of light according to our mood, wish, and emotions and benefit their mental health

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory reported that the students of an elementary school in Fulsom, California, performed their schoolwork very well under the tunable white LED bulbs. Furthermore, the savings hit the clouds somewhere between 48% to 69%- was great academic success and inspiration.

A clear choice- prefer the best one.
Before, the traditional lighting was disrupting our circadian rhythm, and for the urban dwellers, it was such a nightmare it became a dream to have a peaceful sleep because of the bright light coming from the window. We always crave lighting that suits our environment, interior, and moods. We have always heard of two lighting modes on and off, but we have another infinite mode through this advanced tunable white lighting system. Now it’s possible to wake up with your favorite lighting with the softest trickle of light like the sunrise.

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