DimTech Wall Switch


DimTech Wall Switch

DimTech offers a single-switch, end-to-end approach, eliminating
redundant components and compatibility issues for superior dimming performance.

With its wireless support, DimTech offers flicker free smooth dimming down to 0.1% before shutting off.
Just plug and play to start customizing your lighting in moments.

Device pairing takes place automatically when the light is first
switched on, with no technical knowledge needed.

Key Features

  • No Compatibility Issues
  • Flicker-Free Soft Dimming - Down to 0.1%
  • Dim-to-off
  • A Single Wall Switch Can Control Multiple LED Drivers
  • On Site Programmable Dimming Curve
  • Simple Installation with no Extra Wiring or Controllers
  • 120V AC Wall Switch no Battery Required
  • Classic Design to Match Existing Style Switches
  • Fits US Standard Gang Box
  • Fast Delivery – Shipping out of NY

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